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We're both an investment and lending company.

What Is a MIC?

A MIC is both an investment and lending company. Our clients can invest in diversified and secured pool of residential and commercial second mortgage loans. Shares in a MIC can be invested as a RRSP’s, TFSA’s, RRIF’s and other qualifying registered accounts under the Canadian Income Tax Act (Section 130.1). Yields and fees generated from the borrower generate a monthly cash flow which are paid out to the investor. The Income Tax Act requires that 100% of a MIC’s net income be paid out to the investors.

Investing in mortgages has traditionally been reserved for the affluent investors. Mint Canadian Capital gives all investors an opportunity to share in the exceptional returns once only attainable by the few.

Mint Canadian Capital MIC Advantages:

  • Each loan is secured by tangible real estate
  • Long history of stable returns
  • Diversified portfolio of mortgages
  • Higher returns than traditional investment products
  • Vested experienced management team. It’s our money too.
  • Invest using self-directed RRSP’s, TFSA’s and others. We can help with setup.