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We Provide Secured Stable Returns, Carefully Selecting Mortgages Secured by Quality Canadian Real Estate.

Get To Know Us

Over the years each one of the principle partners has come across individuals that were turned away from traditional banks and lenders. Although these people could not meet the restrictive comfort levels of the banks, all that was required was a personalized common-sense approach to see the low credit risk that deserved an opportunity.

We understand the lending side not only from a business prospective, but also from our own personal experiences. This understanding and experience gives us a wider lens in mitigating risk and assessing investor and borrowers needs. Our most enjoyable and rewarding part of what we do is seeing beyond rigid guidelines and taking advantage of opportunities. These managed opportunities through our established underwriting process provides our shareholder consistent returns. Ultimately, we’re bringing together investors and borrowers so that they can build on a wealthier future.