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Let’s Make Investing Better

We find high-yield Canadian mortgages and select only the ones that offer our investors a stable return. These quality residential mortgages are in greatly sought-after markets primarily in Southern Ontario suburban markets. Your investment is backed by the highly marketable and highly valued real estate in markets that offer profitable returns while having the rights of a secured investor. You’ve found a better way to invest.

Let’s Get Higher Returns

We distribute 100% of the net profits to our investors and we invest only in Canadian Mortgages where the market has shown stability and growth. Mint Canadian Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a tax-exempt entity. MIC dividends are treated as an expense, and since we pay out 100% of our profits in dividends to our investors, Mint Canadian Capital does not pay taxes. You’re getting higher returns.

Let’s Avoid the Volatility

Our investment strategy provides greater secured returns while preserving your investment. Mint Canadian Capital believes in value investing. You are looking for stable high returns without the volatility of the traditional major indices.

We do this by:

  • Lending in stable marketable communities primarily in Southern Ontario.
  • We stray away from commercial properties and development.
  • We lend to homeowners with a track record of repayment.
  • We have many baskets of smaller loans to avoid risk of lending a few large amounts
  • Our mortgages are for shorter terms of 1 to 2 years and we are never “stuck” in any cycle. We can quickly adapt preserving capital and maximizing returns.
  • Our flexibility and agility allows us to adapt and offer mortgages traditional institutions just can’t.

You’re avoiding volatility and getting the returns you want.